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Gujarat has about 49% of the total area of the state is under cultivation. The area under irrigation is about 33% of the net area sown, while rest of the area is cultivated under rain fed conditions. There is a large area dependence on rain in the state. Gujarat is one of the major cotton, onion and groundnut producers in the country. The district of Bhavnagar especially has the highest dehydration plants of onion in the whole of Asia.

TKF has been working on the gaps which exist between the traditional cultivation practices by farmers and the latest technological methods. In order to reduce their physical drudgery, risk mitigation and organic method of cultivation, many cost effective scientific techniques have been demonstrated in the farmers fields along with the principal on which it works. Promotion of pheromone traps, tricoderma, neem oil, caster cake etc have been promoted. New varieties of crops are being propagated which not only produce good yield but also require less irrigation and are pest resistant. Farmers are being motivated and guided to practice multi cropping in their fields so as to maintain their soil health and its fertility.

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