Agricultural ActivitiesGujarat has about 49% of the total area of the state is under cultivation

Water ManagementGujarat has the largest coastline of all Indian states measuring 1600 kms

Horticulture ManagementGujarat has a wide variety of soil, rainfall pattern, temperature regimes and irrigation availability

Training & Capacity BuildingAt TKF we believe that learning is a continuous process and its scope should never be limited to just a single field...

Animal HusbandryAnimal husbandry activities play a major role in rural area's economy by contributing significantly to a rural household's income...

Skill DevelopmentWith the increasing rate of migration and reduction in agricultural land due to industrialization...

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The initiatives taking place at TKF have resulted into a mass movement of development in the region and there are few torchbearers who have shown exceptional acceptance of new techniques and methods of agriculture and its allied activities.

Here we present such cases of success that have now become ideal examples of their villages.

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