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Trivenikalyan Foundation (TKF) was established by Shri Balvant Bhai Parekh of Pidilite Industries in the year 1981. Its basic objective is to ensure the region's socio-economic upliftment via its natural and human resource development. It concentrates on socially responsible, technologically appropriate, economically viable and environmentally sensitive development for the benefit of the community. The projects are executed in collaboration with community, NGOs with similar vision and government agencies.

Our activities include water management, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and skill development etc.. With major emphasis on community upliftment with several livelihood interventions, we try to reach to as many farmers as possible to assist them in adopting latest techniques and methods of cropping, irrigating, pest management and storage management.

We work with well known experts belonging to their respective field of interest and act as a node between the farmer and the agency for creating impacts by implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes. Extra ordinary farmers’ case studies are used by us to motivate several others in and around them to constantly boost their spirits and morale and lift their risk taking abilities to go for technical advancements in farming.

Activities Undertaken

Agricultural Activities

Gujarat has about 49% of the total area of the state is under cultivation. The area under irrigation is about 33% of the net area sown, while rest of the area is cultivated under rain fed conditions. There is a large area dependence on rain in the state. Gujarat is one of the major cotton, onion and groundnut producers in the country.

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Water Management

Gujarat has the largest coastline of all Indian states measuring 1600 kms. The villages near the coastal area have been facing diminishing productivity problems due to high salinity ingression rate. The TDS levels at some plots have reached as high as 5000 making the whole land infertile. Managing water has become a difficult challenge to deal with for the coastal villagers.

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Horticulture Management

Gujarat has a wide variety of soil, rainfall pattern, temperature regimes and irrigation availability. Horticulture not only helps the farmers earn more income per unit area of land but it also enables labor security throughout the year enabling the farmer’s sustainable perennial income.

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Training & Capacity Building

At TKF; we believe that learning is a continuous process and its scope should never be limited to just a single field or area of interest. Keeping in mind this philosophy, we keep organizing various trainings and capacity building sessions on and off campus. Our team members’ trainings are most important as they act as knowledge dissipation sources for all our beneficiaries.

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Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry activities play a major role in rural area’s economy by contributing significantly to a rural household’s income generation as well as nutritional intake. With more than 50,000 cattle, Mahuva region has a very high potential of cattle related activities and dairy development programs.

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Skill Development Initiative

With the increasing rate of migration and reduction in agricultural land due to industrialization, there is an urgent need for the rural youth to acquire basic skills in industrial trades. Industrial training institutes (ITIs) cater to this need but are unable to cover the interior rural populace and reach the last mile youth in the country side.

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