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Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry activities play a major role in rural area’s economy by contributing significantly to a rural household’s income generation as well as nutritional intake. With more than 50,000 cattle, Mahuva region has a very high potential of cattle related activities and dairy development programs. The villagers are unaware of the prevalent nutritional deficiency problem in cattle belonging to this area which majorly causes repetitive breeding problem.

TKF’s veterinary services have resulted in significant psychological changes in the villagers’ minds right from the nutritional intake of cattle to the scientific way of delivering a young one. Regular meetings and awareness creation has helped farmers in increasing their cattle’s milk production and improvement in their overall health. Prescription drugs are provided to villagers who arrive at our veterinary center. The on-call facility has resulted into saving of many precious cattle’s lives thus ensuring villagers their continuous income source of income and nutrition for their family.

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