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Horticulture Management

Gujarat has a wide variety of soil, rainfall pattern, temperature regimes and irrigation availability. Horticulture not only helps the farmers earn more income per unit area of land but it also enables labor security throughout the year enabling the farmer’s sustainable perennial income. At TKF, we inspire farmers to take up horticultural activities apart from their agriculture activities and provide technical inputs, information related to several government schemes and advice from experts of this area via direct inspection in their fields and one to one interaction.

The efforts have started showing results where farmers who were solely dependent upon the seasonal crops have partially utilized their land for building fruit orchards and vegetable cultivation. Apart from promoting better variety of seeds, TKF has also involved farmers to experiment with tissue cultured saplings of few horticulture plants such as lemon, pomegranate and date palm. With the knowledge of latest techniques and methods, farmers have started showing positive inclination towards adopting these methods under TKF’s supervision.

TKF has been promoting Saline Resistant plants such as cheeku, coconut, lemon, date palm, pomegranate and papaya in its work areas. Establishment of vegetable trellises to get good quality vegetables for commercial purpose and promotion of kitchen gardens are another focus area of TKF’s horticulture activity which would take care of the nutritional aspect of the households.

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