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At TKF, we believe that learning is a continuous process and its scope should never be limited to just a single field or area of interest. Keeping in mind this philosophy, we keep organizing various trainings and capacity building sessions on and off campus. Our team members’ trainings are most important as they act as knowledge dissipation sources for all our beneficiaries. Exposure visits and workshops are regularly conducted to keep the farmers well acquainted with the progress their counterparts are making and have a first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities those activities might bring along.

Working on individual basis not only concentrates risk on the individual, it also increases the overall cost of transactions, input costs, storage costs etc. If the farmers work in groups, they would incur low input costs due to bulk purchases of seeds, fertilizers, tools and equipments etc and if they also sell their produce as a group, they can leverage the opportunity and sell the produce at higher prices. In case of failure, the individual tends to lose quite less depending upon his group’s size.

Organizing farmers into groups and strengthening their potential has been the most important and effective activity of TKF. Information dissipation, information collection, demonstration, bulk purchases, fund distribution and utilization etc get simplified if the farmers organize themselves in groups and increase their potential and capacities to reach higher objectives. The synergy thus created can sometimes result into exceptional successful outcomes.

TKF is engaging farmers on regular basis to form FPOs (Farmer Producer Organizations) to ensure working in groups and managing the resources effectively and efficiently. This would also enable them to have more bargaining and selling power when compared to individual’s efforts. Many Kisan clubs and producer groups have actively started undertaking group activities such as purchase of shredder machine, ridge preparation units showing great economic success as well as increasing social interactions among farmers.

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