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Water Management

Gujarat has the largest coastline of all Indian states measuring 1600 kms. The villages near the coastal area have been facing diminishing productivity problems due to high salinity ingression rate. The TDS levels at some plots have reached as high as 5000 making the whole land infertile. Managing water has become a difficult challenge to deal with for the coastal villagers. Erratic rainfall and continuous uninhibited ground water drafting has resulted in increasing the saline water ingression at a much faster pace. Clean water fit for drinking has become scarce in some villages causing various health issues among the villagers. With all these challenges, the farmers remaining with few or no options decide to migrate for a large part of the year adversely affecting their children’s future and health.

To help the small and marginalized farmers, TKF is promoting well recharge structures by providing technical help and significant subsidy. Although very small, well recharge structures are one of the most effective means of tapping the surface run-off water. Micro irrigation systems are being established by way of drip irrigation. The whole future of agriculture and horticulture depends on the quality and quantity of water making it the most crucial activities among all the interventions.

TKF has constructed several farm ponds in fields of farmers to enable storage of rain water for their various farm related activities.

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