Bagging the opportunity and creating future wealth

Vitthalbhai has come up as a visionary who does not want to slough in the fields in the coming years as he is of 51 years of age and wants to spend more time with his family and grandchildren. He hails from Kalsar village and has planted Mango grafts in one Hectare of his land. He expects at least 180 to 200Kg of Mangoes per plant in the coming 4-5 years of time. He has followed technical specification of spacing of 20X25 feet and has planted 96 Kesar variety of mango grafts. He got motivated when he came to know about the subsidy being offered by TKF to promote horticulture in this region. After getting a subsidy of Rs. 60 per graft from TKF, he was able to save Rs. 5760. TKF team also assisted him in some paper work to get further subsidies from government’s horticulture department. He motivated another two farmers near to his farm who planted 20 and 28 more mango grafts respectively in their own farms.

Vitthal bhai bhil with his mango grafts planted successfully Other farmers visiting Vittalbhai’s plantation to replicate in their farms

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