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Pankaj bhai is a small farmer from Malvav village and is one of the most progressive farmers who loves to experiment and try new techniques especially when they seem more cost effective. Thirty seven years old Pankaj bhai has a total of 2 ha of farm land out of which he experimented using pheromone traps and neem oil in 1 acre of his land. By getting knowledge from Trivenikalyan Foundation on Integrated pest and disease management, Pankaj bhai successfully cultivated cotton crop.

He observed that his consumption of neem oil was far less than what he used to spray using chemical compounds. The amount of neem oil used for pest management was 40% less than the usual pesticide being used so far. Spraying neem oil of just 45ml/15 liters of water in the initial two sprayings and later using 35ml/15 liter of water resulted in reduction of sucking pests and problem of thrips in his produce.

Apart from the usage of neem oil, Pankajbhai also used 5 pheromone traps per acre in his plot to trap pink ballworm and spotted ball worm which cause both yield and quality reduction. If one does a cost benefit analysis of Pankaj bhai’s intervention on his farm, usage of Neem oil and Pheromone traps resulted in not only controlling of pest in more effective manner, it also reduced Pankaj bhai’s expenditure on pest management by approximately 40% which is very significant. Usage of these organic methods improved his yield quality and helped him fetch more price in the nearby market.

His risk taking ability and experimenting with new technology also motivated other farmers. He suggested the usage of neem oil to many of his farmer friends who he said when made aware by Pankaj bhai, started purchasing Neem oil and Pheromone traps to try on their plots as well.

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