Invest in thousands, earn in lakhs – Drip fundamentals

Arvindbhai from Malvav installed drip irrigation system for his 4 hectares of farm land in which he had cultivated cotton crop. The farm yielded 8320 Kg of cotton and fetched him Rs. 3,32,800 rupees at the end of the season at the rate of Rs. 800/20 Kgs of cotton bale. If the input costs of labour, seeds, weedicides and pesticides etc are reduced, a pure profit of Rs. 2,57,680 comes up for Arvindbhai (excluding irrigation expenses ). Arvindbhai has been very satisfied after installing drip set at his farm. He used to look at his healthy cotton sapling when other flood irrigation farmers were still sowing seeds. The head start caused him to take an extra round of picking as compared to other farmers thus improving his production. With the help of fertigation, his physical labour of putting fertilizers in each plant had reduced to zero. He now awaits for some technique which would help him pluck the cotton balls out of the plant at cost effective manner so as to reduce the labour cost involved in this process. A single season fetches him more than 2 lakhs of rupees making his social and economic status stronger every year.

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