Saved from Drowning – Revival of Land via well recharge

Meghabhai is a small farmer belonging to Dayal village. His farm land was degrading season by season. The TDS levels had reached 1200 and it was difficult to have water in Rabi season to take another crop. During the monsoon season, Meghabhai’s 5 bigha land out of 13 used to get inundated by rain water and destroy his crops completely. He used to incur heavy losses in terms of purchasing and sowing a second round of seeds in his field. His farm had a small slop as well as other farmers had constructed farm bunds in and around their farms which was resulting into the 5 bigha inundation of Meghabhai’s farm as there was no outlet for the excess water to overflow.

TKF provided 18 meters of PVC pipe for assisting him in well recharge activity. Meghabhai used it to divert excess water of his farm to his own well. This resulted in saving the crops from getting drowned in monsoon season and increasing the water level in his own well, thereby giving him opportunity to have a small rabi crop as well. The quality of soil also improved due to rain water harvesting. Due to diversion of excess water via well recharge activity he is confident enough that his crops would survive and would yield around 1 quintal more per acre. He also has planned to go ahead with land development activities in his farm for a day with the help of JCB provided by TKF. He is now a more confident farmer and an inspiration for others.

The whole intervention saved Meghabhai’s economic resources as well as anxiety which he went through every year fearing inundation of his crops.

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