Scientific Sun – Savior of crops from Animals

Blue bull, wild boar and stray cows had ruined more than 30% of Shiyalbhai’s farms where he had sowed cotton in 2 Hec, beans in another 0.5 Hec and Bottle gourd in 0.25 Hec. With the help of Zhataka Machine (Solar Fencing), he saw an immediate relief from these animal attacks. Approximately crops worth Rs. 35000 used to get damaged by these animals every season. Shiyal bhai invested Rs. 17500 in introducing the machine and fencing his farm land throughout. After a cost benefit analysis it was found that he saved Rs. 17500 overall and now is a satisfied user of solar fencing. Many farmers have got inspired after coming to know machine’s ease of installation and long term benefits. The fencing must not be height specific since its electrified which makes it even far more easier to install by farmers without much technical and crop specific inputs or animal specific solution.

Shiyal bhai proudly standing beside his Zhataka Machine’s solar panel which has reduced the menace of wild animals to almost cent percent

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