Seedlings of Future – Entrepreneurship model

His is an outstanding success story with not only saving huge cost but also motivating so many fellow farmers to undertake new methods of plantation. TKF had organized an exposure visit to Junagarh agriculture university. Jentibhai got inspired from the visit and undertook green shade net house for papaya saplings raising. Jentibhai purchased best quality of papaya seeds at the rate of Rs. 11500 per 50 grams (variety – Red lady of Taiwan – 786). He ended up raising 3700 saplings in an area of 50 sq meters green shed net house with a success rate of more than 90% germination.
Other arrangement included setting up of a green net and poles, laborers etc costing him Rs. 3500. The cost of cultivation was going high on one hand but Jentibhai was sure of his success as he took utmost care in growing the seedlings. He availed papaya seedlings in Rs. 5/- cost instead of Rs. 12/-sapling in market. He ended up saving approximately Rs. 25900/- apart from the seedlings cost. As the saplings were grown in the same village, the survival rate of the seedlings was monitored to be 100% with assured quality.
Jentibhai also took care that there occurs no diseases in the seedlings or they are not affected by any pest attack. Indeed it is a very inspiring case study of success of Exposure visit module of TKF. After getting cheated by local traders and getting virus affected papaya saplings, Jentibhai is confident to get a success for his shed net house this year! He has motivated two more farmers who are on the way of establishing shed net house of papaya nursery seedlings in an area of 100 sq meters.

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