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Belonging to one of the prosperous pockets of Kalsar cluster, Virabhai, aged 58 years, belongs to Malvav village. At this age, it was being difficult for him to manage his 11 hectares of land even after having two sons as the labour work and planning involved lot of thinking and quick actions from his side. TKF intervened and introduced drip fertigation technique to Virabhai in an area of 2.16 Hectares. Virabhai had planned for cotton cultivation in this farm land. Apart from expert advice, tips and packages of best practices for cotton crop, TKF provided subsidy of Rs. 10,000 to Virabhai to further reduce the drip installation cost apart from the GGRC subsidy of approximately Rs. 99,000. The total drip irrigation installation was approximately Rs. 2,20,000 but the subsidies from Government and TKF enabled Virabhai to take this opportunity and cultivate cotton under drip. The system not only saved significant amount of water while irrigation, it also helped Virabhai to put right amounts of fertilizers soluble in water through drip pores thus reducing his labour cost of putting fertilizers separately. The whole setup resulted into a very high germination of above 90% and he was able to cover 15 more bighas of land as compared to previous year due to more water availability. When other farmers lands had just been sown before monsoon’s arrival, Virabhai’s farm land had healthy one feet long saplings of cotton across 2.16 hectares. It gave him a head start and another round of cotton picking as compared to other fellow farmers practicing flood irrigation. If one calculates, Virabhai reported an average increase of 6.25 quintals of cotton per hectare in his farm. This fetched him approximately Rs. 54000/- more in this season itself. He now plans to put this profit in the next season’s agricultural inputs. He feels privileged when people call him the brand ambassador of Drip Irrigation for the whole region !

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